Our Mission

We believe that humanity can and should be cured of skin cancer without the use of expensive, invasive, ineffective and toxic treatments.

BEC penetrates the skin tissue and moves its way around the healthy cells to find the cancer infected cells. Once these cells are located the two BEC actives are activated to perform their duties. The first active contains a receptor that has the “key” to enter the cancer cell. Once inside, the second active locates the “stomach” of the cell and explodes, immediately killing the cancer cell.

Curaderm.eu is proud to announce that 30 years of unparalleled commitment to research and development in skin cancer treatments and their delivery systems has resulted in the creation of the exclusive state of the art anti-cancer treatment CuradermBEC5.

The Alarming Truth

In 1971, the US Congress declared war on cancer. Forty-six years and trillions of dollars later, we are still facing a cancer epidemic as the number of patients increases every year. We are obviously losing the war against cancer with our current approaches to combatting this dreaded disease. The reason for losing the war may partly be due to the current and past cancer establishments.

Treatments of cancer continue by using surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to cut out, poison and burn out the symptoms of cancer. Really, assessing the current treatments critically and with unbiased opinion, these treatments are archaic with alarmingly low success rates.

The cancer industry appears determined to maintain a stronghold on treatments by supressing potential new treatments.

But can the war be won? The answer is yes. If the right approaches are taken in a cohesive manner. Many proper approaches to fight disease must be taken into consideration, ranging from prevention (environment, dietary) to proper collaboration and dialogues between PhDs (Research Doctors) doing cancer research and MDs (Practicing Doctors).

Curaderm.eu’s information should not be seen as a battle against conventional non-specific cancer therapy. Rather, it should be seen as a war against cancer. We regard it as a service to mankind, culminating in a truly needed treatment for skin cancer as a medicine.

Dr. Skin

In the 1970s, Professor Bill E. Cham was talking to a veterinarian friend from Brisbane, Australia. Unexpectedly, the conversation deviated to discussing how the juice from a local plant called the Devil’s Apple was being used to effectively retard the progress of ocular squamous cell carcinoma in Hereford cattle.

Although Dr. Cham was suspicious about the claim of his friend, he immediately recognised that if this claim could be proven it would lead to enormous possibilities for medicine and offer a greatly needed service to mankind.

Dr. Cham was then faced with the daunting task to find the needle-in-a-haystack. There were hundreds of possible substances in Devil’s Apple (Solanum linnaeanum) that might be responsible for the SCC remissions.

After several years with immense dedication, belief and perseverance Dr. Cham finally isolated the responsible ingredient: solasodine glycoside (BEC). Remarkably, BEC not only worked with cattle, rendering them cancer-free and prolonging their lives, but Dr. Cham also claimed, and subsequently proved, that it had ‘antineoplastic’ properties—it can prevent and inhibit tumours—against a wide variety of human cancers as well.

How then can one scientist be involved in all aspects of drug development ranging from drug discovery to clinical application? This is after all extremely rare. In assessing the C.V. of Dr. Cham it becomes much clearer. Dr. Cham has a degree in Chemistry, a degree in Biochemistry and a doctorate in the School of Medicine. All of his degrees were obtained from Universities highly recognized throughout the world. The varieties of his chosen degrees have enabled him to have a very wide approach to research. This was exactly what was needed to develop the BEC anticancer technology. His 100+ scientific publications cover a wide range of disciplines. For instance, relevant to the cancer project, his degree in Chemistry has enabled him to identify BEC in the Devil’s Apple and Eggplant. His degree in Biochemistry has assisted him in discovering how and why BEC kills cancer cells but not normal cells. While his degree in Medicine has been helpful in the pharmacological, toxicological and effectiveness studies of BEC and the clinical application of CuradermBEC5.

This is where Dr. Cham shines. Many great scientists, have specialized in Chemistry, Biochemistry or Medicine, but not in all concurrently. This background has enabled Dr. Cham to have a unique open mind of science in general.

Dr. Cham waited patiently before claiming success for his achievements until other independent scientists world-wide confirmed his pioneered research on BEC. His research has created a complete new approach to the treatment of cancer. One only needs to do a search on Google on Dr. Bill Cham, Solamargine and/or Solasonine the components of BEC, to realize how his original and subsequent publications have created an intensive new approach towards cancer research, a possible new treatment for internal cancer and an accepted treatment for skin cancer.